White Acrylic Art Boards 11" x 14" (279mm x 355mm)

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White Acrylic Art Boards 11" x 14" (279mm x 355mm) Fine Grain 330gsm| Pack of 4 | by Zieler | 09299349 , Zieler acrylic art board features a fine canvas like textured paper surface bonded to heavy weight 330gsm board. Designed for convenience and excellent stability. Rigid enough for quick, gestural paint sketches, yet economical enough to use in the classroom for warm-ups and compositional planning. Zieler acrylic boards feature a fine linen grain surface that holds paint well. The 330gsm boards provide a sturdy, durable substrate, and the single-sided painting surface is ready to use. Suitable for acrylic painting only. Size: 11" x 14" approx 279mm x 355mm Pack of 4 boards , Dimensions (mm) = 380 x 280 x 15