Our Story

It all started in 1982...well kind of...

Let's fast forward a little further to when the world was my canvas (literally...walls, furniture, clothing, skin...anything that I could draw on!) 

I grew up in a household of incredibly talented people (musicians, seamstresses, chefs and artists) and I tried my utmost to harness that creative energy with very little success.

I started piano at the ripe ol’ age of three, played the tuba in high school.
I loved to draw and would make comic books with the characters that I had dreamed up. 
My sketchbook went with me EVERYWHERE..
I tried my hand at writing a murder mystery novel when I was 11, it ummm never made it to a publisher for absolute legitimate reasons.

My favourite memories as a child were going to Lewiscraft to pick out an activity to do (ie: friendship bracelets, candle making, beading, cross stitch, you name it I wanted to try it!)
As I grew up and had my own children I noticed how much they would enjoy crafting together, decorating ornaments, paint nights, beading etc and it took me back….waaaaaaaay back!

I wanted to cultivate that same feeling with our community, to have a place to go to pick up a new hobby, maybe pickup a boredom buster for a rainy day or  if you’re anything like me, to collect supplies for your ever growing Pinterest projects (it’s ok to admit it, I’m not judging).

And just like that, The Craft Witch was born.

Your local source for all things crafty and a place where local artists can share their talents as I love to showcase them!

We're dedicated to providing you a wonderfully curated selection of art and craft supplies, and impeccable customer service.

It's a place that our community can enjoy and foster their love of art and crafting (or just to come buy some drawing supplies so your kids don’t graffiti the house like I did).