Tri-Art F.Q Oil Paints

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The colours are milled to perfection in order to offer ultimate brilliance and colour purity in a thick-bodied format.

Naturally slow drying to allow for extended time to blend and mix paints. The full-bodied consistency will naturally create thick, stiff layers of paint. Using mediums will enable thin under paintings, fluid layers, transparent glazes or fine details.

Suited but not limited to: canvas, wood and paper primed with artist-grade gesso.

There are C.P. (chemically pure) cadmiums, single pigment, pigment blends, organic, inorganic, transparent, semi-transparent and opaque colours in the line in order to offer a unique range of oil colours for today’s artists.

A classic painting media for the traditional painter, infused with modern pigment choices such as our signature Liquid Mirror, interference and iridescent colours.