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We celebrate the spirit of the collector with the Finer Things Collection -- three new rich and heartwarming colours inspired by the romance of antiques and cherished ephemera. As representative capsules of time and culture, we are inspired by the fascination of objects before our time. We capture the feeling of reminiscence and finding the perfect addition to a prized collection through our newest curated compilation of fine fountain pen ink. Available in the Ink Charger Set, with a beautifully designed 5ml charger for taking your favourite inks wherever you go. Oyster Hour Ink Tone: Creamy oyster brown, latte Characteristics: creamy, tan, warming, shaded, subdued Steeped Umber Ink Tone: Cognac brown leather Characteristics: Warm, spicy, rich Spruce County Post Ink Tone: Spruce Tree green Characteristics: Calming, deep, earthy, cool