DIY Ice Dye Kit

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This DIY Ice Dye Kit has everything you need to try ice dyeing for the first time! Simple instructions will teach you how to harness the power of ice and fiber-reactive dye to create beautiful patterns on natural fibers. The kit also includes suggestions for patterns and tips and tricks for success. The kit includes two high-quality 100% cotton tea towels to get you started, and enough dye to make a few other things as well! The Ice Dye Kit includes: All dyestuff for creating beautiful ice dye items Compostable gloves and spoon Three curated dye colors with two different color options to choose from Instruction booklet with pattern ideas and step by step instructions with pictures Two 100% cotton tea towel You will need: Tray/Tub for dyeing items in Rack-something like a cookie cooling rack, for dyeing items Ice! Cubed or crushed *This kit is great for parties, baby or wedding showers, and fun for adults and children. 5% of Likewoah Handmade sales are donated to Planned Parenthood