DIY Bath Bomb Kit

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This fun and engaging experience is great for a solo DIY, a virtual birthday party, or some fun with your family on a night in! Choose your kit, collect the mail, watch the live instruction, create your own! Introducing our DIY Bath Bomb Kit Let's face it, during the pandemic, most of us grieved over the loss of our social activities. We took note of the fact that kids were missing out on birthday parties, families and friends were missing out on gatherings, and some people were just plain bored. Most of you are familiar with the make & take trend. You choose what you want to make, gather with friends and someone teaches you to make something that you may or may not normally buy in the store. Each kit contains pre-measured ingredients and the tools necessary to make 4 oz of bath bombs. Using molds from your own kitchen, you'll make them in whatever shape you choose! Bath bomb options include color, scent and toppings.