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Charcoal is super soft and easily blendable so it can be used in a number of ways to create wonderful effects. This set contains a variety of 24 pieces to get you started with charcoal drawing plus an A4 charcoal pad. Working with a variety of tones (and by spreading, blending and erasing), this set will allow you to create tone, contrast, depth, smooth transitions and highlights using charcoal. Neatly presented in a portable gift tin for easy access and safe storage. Contents: 6 Compressed charcoal sticks (2 soft, 2 medium & 2 hard) 4 Vine charcoal sticks (for quick, light-handed drawing) 3 Pencil-shaped compressed charcoal sticks (soft, medium & hard) 3 Hexagonal, wood-filled pencils (soft, medium & hard) 3 Blending stumps (for blending and smearing) 2 White charcoal sticks (for creating highlights) 1 Sanding block (to create smooth transitions & ‘smokey’ effects) 1 Metal sharpener 1 Kneaded eraser 1 Charcoal Drawing Pad (A4) – 30 lightly textured, soft-white sheets; 150 gsm