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These eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes are highly concentrated, easy to work with and provide a great depth of colour. The dye is very simply added and stirred into the molten wax and dissipates evenly throughout the wax providing the consistency required. The result is a candle with a colouration no different to those which are professionally produced. Different coloured dyes can be mixed into the wax to create composite colours, allowing you to experiment with your creative skills to produce candles to fit perfectly into the aesthetics of any room; matching or complimenting the colour of walls, furniture, curtains, cushions, carpeting.


Bekro is a leading manufacturer of candle dyes. They are a very high quality dye and only a small amount is needed to provide you with a beautifully vivid colour. 10g of dye will colour 10kg of wax. Bekro is such a high quality, although it costs a little more than poorer quality dyes, it will last so much longer. Many cheaper brands, 10g will only colour 1kg which is a massive difference. Another benefit of using Bekro dye in candle making, is that by only adding a small amount there is less additives in your candle which will then result in a better burn and stronger frangrance throw (if you are adding a fragrance). Bekro dye is specifically formulated to work with Paraffin Wax and all Vegtable and Natural Waxes including Soy Wax. For perfect results use our KeraWax and KeraSoy premium high quality waxes. If Soy Wax is being used more dye may be needed to get your desired shade/colour. Bekro candle dye is not suiatble for use with Gel Wax. 

1g dye for 1kg of wax

Made in Germany