A4 Bleedproof Marker Paper 70gsm (32 Sheets)

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A4 Bleedproof Marker Paper 70gsm (32 Sheets) - by Zieler | 09299262 , Zieler A4 Marker Paper Pad: BLEEDPROOF - Specially treated sheets that: (1) prevent bleeding at the edges (2) ensure that all lines are clean and precise (3) prevent ink from seeping onto the next page (4) allow layering of colour and tonal blending. VIBRANCY - Smooth, high-white, acid-free coated paper (designed for use on a single side) retains rich pigments & vibrant colours. Gives streak-free, large area coverage. TRACING - 70gsm paper offers provides the ideal translucency for tracing and outline work. Suitable for All Leading Brands of Alcohol-Based Graphic Marker pens & Ink mediums. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ★★★★★ By Chameleon. UK MADE - High quality glue-bound finish so sheets can be easily and neatly removed if necessary. A4 (210 x 297mm), 70gsm (48lb), 32 sheets, Acid-free. , Dimensions (mm) = 300 x 210 x 5