The Wonder of Watercolour-Landscape & Skill Building(Full Day Workshop April 2nd-10am-3pm)

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This will be a full day workshop perfect for beginners. The day will be broken into two segments. In the morning (10:00 am – 12:00 pm), we will play and practice with watercolour techniques including creating textures for foliage and rocks, lifting to create reflections on water, and creating shadows and depth in a forest. Learn to use a fan brush, sea sponge, dry brush technique, and many ways to retain white areas on your paper. 
In the afternoon (1:00 pm – 3:00 pm), we will work together on creating a lush forest landscape to apply our new skills. Students are encouraged to play, express their own interpretation from our reference photo, and most importantly... have FUN while working in this versatile medium. 
All materials provided. Bring your questions, creativity, and curiosity! The instructor will be masked. Masking of participants is at their discretion. 
There are lots of options for lunch in downtown Smiths Falls. Feel free to take a stroll to a nearby lunch spot, or bring your lunch and talk art at the workshop table (and browse all of the great stuff in the store). There will be fun watercolour resources to look through for inspiration during the lunch hour.