Candle Wick 10pk TCR 120MM

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Professional grade candle wicks with sustainers Designed for soya and vegetable wax, the TCR series wick is a flat braided wick, cored, with an exterior jacket that provides a high level of stiffness, made from pure long strand ring spun cotton and paper. It ensures an excellent burn profile with vegetable-based waxes, such as soya wax and rapeseed wax. The TCR series offers a reduced afterglow, smoke and soot. Self-trick wick position that minimizes or eliminates carbon (mushrooming).

The consistent flame helps ensure that glass containers don’t overheat on one side and that pillars don’t ‘tunnel’ or leak out the side of the candle. These wicks are pre-cut to 110 mm, pre-waxed and are already fitted with a 15mm metal sustainer (tab), ready to be placed into your candle container.

Wick Size Guide

This size chart is a rough guide – different waxes, fragrance and dyes all effect the wicking of a candle. Trial and error is the only way to ensure correct wicking.

Made in Germany